Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 30

Today, I received a precious gift.  It is a gift that money cannot buy.  A gift that made me smile, made my heart overflow with JOY and caused my spirit to soar.  You cannot find this gift in a store.  You cannot order it online.  You won't find this gift on someone's wish list.  It is a gift that keeps on giving ~ for when you receive it from one person, you will want to pass it on to another and another and another...

This gift came from someone I don't see often, but I do think of him from time-to-time.  I had no expectation of seeing him today, but he was there.  I watched his face light up in recognition of me, as I entered through the doorway, and my whole body smiled when I saw him too.  After a quick greeting, he gave me a wonderful, heart-filled, "I'm so glad to see you" HUG!  ...and I got another one when I left too.  

I am so thankful for Dennis and the power of a simple HUG shared with another human being.  I feel loved.

What a special way to end my 30 Days of Thanksgiving, though I pray I maintain a "heart of thanksgiving" daily.  Our God is an amazing God and He shows us how much He loves us through so many people all around us.  Share a HUG with someone you encounter today.  Keep passing it on...

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