Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Musings...

Finding Anne Lipscomb and reading her book, Poisoned By Pollution has been one of the greatest blessings and a huge breakthrough for me on this crazy health journey I've struggled with most of my life and especially since the fall of 1999.

Click HERE to visit her website.

Recently, my health struggles with chemical and electrical sensitivities have gotten much worse (again).  Most people I know of with multiple chemical sensitivities do not have electrical sensitivities too ~ but I have learned of some other people suffering with both.  I wish this wasn't my life, but it is.  I am learning to live life to the fullest each day with hopes that one day, Blaine and I will be able to "run away and live off the land" (as I've dreamed of since a young age) ~ but if not, to finish the race strong and live a joy-filled life.  

In my healing journey, I hope to share a little each Monday to encourage myself (and record this journey) and to share with others. I realize that many people may think this is "all in my head" or "she's always been sick" or "she's trying to get attention again" or "she's just a hypochondriac".  That's okay.  Most people cannot understand the health challenges that I deal with on a daily basis, because they haven't experienced it themselves and, in general, I don't look sick...  I am not seeking pity.  I am not seeking sympathy or attention or hope to gain anything from sharing.  I share because I am on a learning journey.  We are all on a journey in this world.  I believe we learn from one another and this is why I share...

So what's the deal you ask?  Well, perhaps you don't care at all ~ and that's okay too.

Increased sensitivities to chemicals; smells - laundry detergent, lawn chemicals, cooking odors, new clothes, new shoes, going into a store...

Increased sensitivities to electrical and vibration: music, bathroom fan, car engine running, commercial jets, bass, traffic driving by, computer fan, television, Dish tv receiver box, the fridge, a chainsaw (2 neighbors have been removing trees)...

Just a "few" of my triggers.  Ugh.  It seems like the whole world is a trigger right now.  And, it makes me feel weak, dizzy, drains my energy, no strength, at times - feelings of depression, outlook seems bleak.  What caused this?  No idea what has sparked the latest increase in sensitivities.

Historically?  I was sickly as a child growing up.  It seemed I was always sick.  I think it's likely that my sensitivities began as an infant.  My body just never had a chance to develop a strong immune system and build resistance to things in this world that don't bother others.  It was made worse in 1999 with an overdose of eye dilation medication that caused a full body nervous system reaction.  This was followed by toxic overload on an airplane trip to England.  Health crashed.  Rebuilt.  Took another airplane trip in 2007 to Prince Edward Island which caused another toxic overload.  Still rebuilding nearly 6 years later...  And now, another flare up.  

What's next?

  • Focus on quiet living for a stretch of time.  How long?  We don't know right now.
  • Keep my life simple ~ stay home more, less computer time, rest, read books, take walks (although exposure happens), focus on eating right, drinking mineral tea
  • Seeking out a couple of practitioners that have been recommended to me in an attempt to discover another piece to the puzzle.  We're not seeking to find a "cure" any longer, but ways to support the best possible health in my body.
  • Making time to "step away" each week to REST

Recently, I have been shocked by how much "pollution" there is all around us.  And, getting away to the beach (still within the city) is not a quiet get away... music, cars, jets, AC units, motors for man-made waterfalls at condos, and on and on.  Tough to shut it all out, but I am learning to be thankful for the simple things in life each day and to focus on the beauty that surrounds me.  

 May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you.  May you discover the simple beauty all around you.  And, remember, each day is a gift!