Sunday, March 25, 2012

Really? Part 2


So........  Sunday morning didn't exactly begin how I had planned it would.

Blaine and I painted at our chiropractor's office for nearly 10 hours on Saturday.  This morning, every muscle and joint in my body was letting me know it wasn't happy about it.  I finally made myself get out of bed and head downstairs to clean out the brooder box (a morning routine) ~ change out wood shavings, fill feeder, clean water and interact with the chickens for a short time.  Regular stuff.

Well, Atti (Barred Rock) loves to be on my right arm (to be above all the other chickens) and will stand or roost there for several minutes at a time.  This morning, I reached into the brooder box with my left hand to clean out the feeder of shavings and chicken poop when Atti jumped on my arm and climbed right up onto my back.  Ugh.  This is a first.  What am I going to do?  I tried to coax her down.  I tried to reach around and get her onto my right arm.  She wanted to stay there.  I got my cellphone out of my pocket and called Blaine's phone, but could hear it ringing on the kitchen table and knew he was still in bed.  However, Nicholas was in the living room.  He comes walking downstairs and asks, "Why did you call Dad's phone?"  My reply, "Can't you see there is a chicken on my back?"  Nicholas:  "I know what to do."  He takes out his phone and proceeds to take a few pictures of me...  So helpful!

We did finally come up with a solution to get her off.  I slowly rolled around onto my back and she walked onto my front, which enabled me to grab her and put her back in the brooder box.

This is likely only the first of many embarrassing chicken photos and stories...  And, I do laugh every time I look at the photo.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Videos of the girls!

The first video is of Little Red (Rhode Island Red) and Sussy (Speckled Sussex) that are 2 weeks old.  They are very flighty and don't like "human" interaction.  However, when Blaine recorded a short video of them and myself ~ he caught a first on camera...  Delightful!

Atti (Plymouth Barred Rock - black) and Bo Peep (Buff Orpinton - gold) are now a month old.  They have been interactive from an early age.  Atti has quite an attitude, but loves to roost on my arm and she and Bo Peep get along quite well.  Love each girl's uniqueness!

Monday, March 12, 2012

He is always able!

Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.  
Hebrews 11:1

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Baby Chicks!

We brought home our newest baby chicks on Saturday evening.  A Specked Sussex and Rhode Island Red.  They already have ALOT of personality.  Sussex is a cuddler, while the Red is an on-the-go, beak-to-beak with Atti kind of gal.

Size comparison:  Bo Peep and Atti on the left (19 days old) and new babies!

Speckled Sussex on left (calling her Sussy) and Rhode Island Red (calling her Little Red).
We'll see if their names stick or not...

Another adventures begins!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Brooder Box modifications

Tomorrow evening, Blaine and I are picking up are other 2 baby chickens; a Rhode Island Red and a Speckled Sussex.  Unfortunately, the breeds I wanted didn't all arrive in the same hatch. I would have preferred getting them all together, but I am hopeful they will all integrate together well in a week or two.

Knowing that our new babies will be here tomorrow, Blaine and I had to tackle the brooder box modification tonight.  Chickens have a pecking order and our 2 week old chickens cannot immediately be in the same area as our newly hatched chickens.  After they've met through chicken wire in the brooder box and the babies have some growth time, we will remove the barrier and hopefully everyone will get along.

My handyman and awesome project partner! 

Cutting and bending chicken wire (so hopefully none of the girls poke themselves) was not a really fun job...

It took many attempts to finally get the chicken wire properly fitted around the chicken feeder that all the chickens must share.

Blaine found a great solution to cover the wire ends and secure it to the box.


Atti & Bo Peep at 15 days old...

Atti (Short for Attitude; the Barred Rock) and Bo Peep (Buff Orpinton) are growing and growing.  It's always interesting interacting with them.  Our yellow lab, Coco, is still quite fascinated with them and loves to stare at them.  However, when you pick one up she backs up.

This weekend, we will be adding 2 additional baby girls ~ a Rhode Island Red and a Speckled Sussex.  Blaine and I are going to split the brooder in half, so there is a chicken fencing wall between them until the older chickens get to know the younger ones (and they grow a bit) ~ and hopefully all will go smoothly when they are combined.

If you look at the pictures closely, you'll notice that Coco has her neck pulled tight toward herself when Bo Peep is on my hand, but is hanging her head over the brooder box when the chickens are on the ground...  Loving my new adventure!