Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chicken Barn is done!

So excited that we're finished.... 

Well, 99%.  I have one more coat of Vermont Natural Coatings Barn Red to get done this weekend, as long as the weather cooperates.  So loving the way it turned out!

Another view with the external nesting box in full view

Blaine has basic woodworking skills, but he did an awesome and amazing job building our new Chicken Barn!  He learned a lot working on this project.  

...another blog post about the process and a closer look at our new coop to follow soon (I hope).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The girls are GROWING so fast and they'd really like to be outside sooner than we had planned for them to be...  So, Blaine and I are working and working and working on building their coop right now.  Long hours and exhaustion, but we're making progress.  Here's a sneak peek!

Atti girl (Plymouth Barred Rock) ~ 8 weeks old

She is the top hen and loves to perch on me!  We talk to each other and, generally, like hanging out together...   

 Bo Peep (Buff Orpington) ~ 8 weeks old

She has a bit of an attitude, is willing to be held a little ~ but recently decided she wanted to be able to perch similar to Atti.  However, I can't really trust her as she always wants to peck at me (eat my hair).  She's the one who always wants to see something new and is the number two chicken in the group.

 Sussy (Speckled Sussex) ~ 6 weeks old

This is our "chicken little" the sky is falling chicken.  She runs around in circles a lot.  She has a sensitive digestive system and is still adjusting to the "real" food from Scratch and Peck that I just switched them all too.  She's loving the Kefir she's getting now.  She is at the bottom of the pecking order.

 Little Red (Rhode Island Red) ~ 6 weeks old

She's our feisty little chicken.  She's in everybody's business, but Atti and Bo Peep put her in her place (not that she's happy about it) ~ so she bosses Sussy around.  She pecks at me a bit, so we're establishing who is the boss of who. 
(She also wasn't a willing subject being photographed.)
 Awesome partner and husband extraordinaire!

He is doing an amazing job in reading through the coop plans and making it happen.  He is also being very patient with me as I make "changes" to the plans and move things a little or add in extra features!  

Urban Farmer (in training)

 If I'm not moving compost, I'm painting the coop!  So many pieces and parts to be painted.  I'm also Blaine's trusty and able assistant.  I'm very behind in what needs to be done in the garden, but the girls have got to get moved into their new home soon and very soon.
...and here we are (still alive) at the end of one of our very long work days!