Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lincoln City ~ on the road...

Excited to be up and going at 7 in the morning...

Let's hit the road!

Already bored!

Today, we have a lovely assortment of snacks to satisfy any craving!

Entering Oregon!

Stopping at a random Dairy Queen in the middle of somewhere in Oregon.

Blaine and I

We made it!

Lincoln City ~ day trip!

132 steps down to the beach...

Loran, Ragan, Cade, Richard, Benjamin and Nicholas arrive on the beach!

Looking back up the hill ~ Blaine and Bill on the beach with Sharon making her way down...

Setting up the kite

Our sweet, little niece ~ Ragan!

Ragan, Suann, and Richard

Bill's in the water!

Flying the stunt kite!

Benjamin and Richard in the water...
(Watch out for the wave, Richard!)

Love, love, love the ocean!


Getting into the rhythm of flying the stunt kite!
(Blaine loves flying...)

Me ~ flying the kite!

...with my boys!

A view from above...

Nicholas' turn to fly the kite!

...kite flying action!

Benjamin in action!

Long-time family friend, Loran, (we think of him as family) flying another kite that they brought along...

Lincoln City - part 2

Benjamin flying the stunt kite...

Blaine flying the kite

Kite action!

The wind has definitely picked up ~ more pull on the kite lines now...

...lovely action pose

Deep in discussion

Love the ocean!

It doesn't get any better than this, huh?!

Granddad with the boys...

"My shorts are wetter than yours..."

Having a good time

Fun in the water!


Blaine dipping me ~ though I think he would have really liked to 'dip' me!

All the guys ~ one of my favorite photos of the day!

Sinking their feet in the sand...

Cade playing in the water

Guys in the water

...still playing!

Lincoln City - part 3

Heading out into the water...

Surprise! Never turn your back on the waves...

Laughing... =D

I love playing in the ocean!

Feet ~ in the water

Feet ~ no water

Watching Nicholas fly the stunt kite...

Uncle Blaine teaching/helping Cade fly the kite!

...with the kite in the picture!

View out the window at Mo's restaurant...

Nicholas ordered BBQ baby back ribs and Benjamin ordered popcorn scallops.


Saying our goodbyes...

At the end of a wonderful day...

~ and we're making plans for a big family vacation in Vancouver, BC 2010!

Returning home via Salem to I-5

Ugh. Construction delay... Will we ever get home?

iPod, cellphones, wallets, sunglasses, soda and more...