Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lincoln City ~ day trip!

132 steps down to the beach...

Loran, Ragan, Cade, Richard, Benjamin and Nicholas arrive on the beach!

Looking back up the hill ~ Blaine and Bill on the beach with Sharon making her way down...

Setting up the kite

Our sweet, little niece ~ Ragan!

Ragan, Suann, and Richard

Bill's in the water!

Flying the stunt kite!

Benjamin and Richard in the water...
(Watch out for the wave, Richard!)

Love, love, love the ocean!


Getting into the rhythm of flying the stunt kite!
(Blaine loves flying...)

Me ~ flying the kite!

...with my boys!

A view from above...

Nicholas' turn to fly the kite!

...kite flying action!

Benjamin in action!

Long-time family friend, Loran, (we think of him as family) flying another kite that they brought along...

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  1. The expanse of sky and ocean - How incredible. They just go on and on and on! Now let your body catch up with your experience and you'll be ready for your NEXT adventure!


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