Friday, June 5, 2009


I love it when our California Lilac (can never remember its Latin name) blooms and the bush becomes alive with bees! The hum is quite loud, the activity doesn't cease until the sun goes down each day, and eventually little pieces of flower petal will cover the ground beneath the lilac...and then they'll be gone. There is a house in the neighborhood and their bush has grown into a tree. When I walk Coco, I stand underneath the tree on the sidewalk and listen to the 'drone' of the bees, all around me, busily at work. So fascinating!

Here's a little video I took with my camera (airplane noise at the end of it...) ~

And, a couple of still photos ~ look closely and you can see my bumble "friends"! :)


  1. Does this also have the heavenly lilac scent? The video really made it come to life! Thanks for posting it that way.

  2. No scent ~ just a unique shrub with the energy of bees when it blooms! There are bees everywhere in our front yard today ~ it's so loud our next door neighbor heard them... :)

    Alas, I enjoy them while they are here - for soon the bees will be gone when the blooms are emptied of their pollen.


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