Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday afternoon outing!

I've been having a tough time the past couple of weeks ~ emotionally ~ and Blaine decided we should get out and have some fun!

My country bouquet from Pike Place Market ~ just $5.00!

Blaine took a picture of the people traffic at Pike Place Market ~
lots and lots of them on a Friday afternoon in June!

Love this picture...

This adorable little bird was determined to eat this piece of caramel kettle corn...

Still working at it!

Enjoying our caramel kettle corn

Friday evening traffic on the viaduct...

Best kettle corn stand at the park at Pike Place Market!

Sitting on a table eating kettle corn...


Ergh! Why is it every time I sit down to enjoy a snack I get accosted by 'feathered ones'?!

Looking at the ferry and the Port of Seattle

The fire boat catching everyone's attention...

The stadiums ~ Seahawks, Sounders and Mariners!

Love my flowers!

Blaine enjoying our fried rice at Jai Thai!

Thanks Blaine... It's good to make new memories and enjoy the simple things in life together!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time. What a wonderful idea. I am sorry though, to read that you've been having a tough time of late. {{{HUGS}}} and prayers.

  2. Thanks for the hug and prayers... So appreciated!

    Doing better now ~ God is so good and so faithful. He continues to show me how much He cares, His never ending grace and love that covers all... Life is looking up and I'm looking forward ~ can't look back!

    Thanks for stopping by. So excited for your upcoming trip! Take pictures (hint, hint). :)

  3. So glad you got to spend a lovely day out with Blaine.

    Hope everything improves for you soon. Sending hugs and prayers your way.


  4. Great picture Joanie, I love your curly hair,lovely!
    Hope things are better for you, getting out does help doesn't it. We bought those $5 flowers too, beautiful aren't they!

    Take Care,

  5. I like the picture of the two of you together - smiling. May good times outweigh the bad ones - good memories the pain. I always draw an arrow pointing forward through the heart encircling the time & date at the beginning of each daily journal entry. (Can you follow that?) The forward arrow reminds me to move forward. It's all I can change, you know?


Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Abundant blessings on your day... Joanie