Friday, June 5, 2009

Hidden staircase...

Blaine and I got the majority of the hill cleared today ~ most of the green showing is blackberry and that will be sprayed (yes, it's the one plant we use chemical to kill) as soon as the wind mellows out. After it dies back, we can begin planting the creeping thyme amongst the rocks. Eventually, we'll get the cotoneaster planted across the flat ledge and on the ends...

...and look what I found!

I did alot of dirt moving, but finally found the rock staircase I thought must be hidden somewhere ~ had seen what looked like "steps" above... It was like finding "hidden treasure" in our backyard ~ I'm delighted! :D


  1. How delightful!

    I have a real "thing" for staircases! Especially ones in a garden...I found one in a rainforest in Tasmania once (we lived there when I was about 7) and followed it and got lost! Parents weren't too impressed with my "I just had to follow it and see where it went" explanation! Not very adventurous of them!

  2. I could "wax spiritual" on this, but will avoid the temptation! How exciting to find this hidden treasure! I'm SO happy for you.


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