Friday, March 2, 2012

Brooder Box modifications

Tomorrow evening, Blaine and I are picking up are other 2 baby chickens; a Rhode Island Red and a Speckled Sussex.  Unfortunately, the breeds I wanted didn't all arrive in the same hatch. I would have preferred getting them all together, but I am hopeful they will all integrate together well in a week or two.

Knowing that our new babies will be here tomorrow, Blaine and I had to tackle the brooder box modification tonight.  Chickens have a pecking order and our 2 week old chickens cannot immediately be in the same area as our newly hatched chickens.  After they've met through chicken wire in the brooder box and the babies have some growth time, we will remove the barrier and hopefully everyone will get along.

My handyman and awesome project partner! 

Cutting and bending chicken wire (so hopefully none of the girls poke themselves) was not a really fun job...

It took many attempts to finally get the chicken wire properly fitted around the chicken feeder that all the chickens must share.

Blaine found a great solution to cover the wire ends and secure it to the box.


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