Sunday, March 25, 2012


So........  Sunday morning didn't exactly begin how I had planned it would.

Blaine and I painted at our chiropractor's office for nearly 10 hours on Saturday.  This morning, every muscle and joint in my body was letting me know it wasn't happy about it.  I finally made myself get out of bed and head downstairs to clean out the brooder box (a morning routine) ~ change out wood shavings, fill feeder, clean water and interact with the chickens for a short time.  Regular stuff.

Well, Atti (Barred Rock) loves to be on my right arm (to be above all the other chickens) and will stand or roost there for several minutes at a time.  This morning, I reached into the brooder box with my left hand to clean out the feeder of shavings and chicken poop when Atti jumped on my arm and climbed right up onto my back.  Ugh.  This is a first.  What am I going to do?  I tried to coax her down.  I tried to reach around and get her onto my right arm.  She wanted to stay there.  I got my cellphone out of my pocket and called Blaine's phone, but could hear it ringing on the kitchen table and knew he was still in bed.  However, Nicholas was in the living room.  He comes walking downstairs and asks, "Why did you call Dad's phone?"  My reply, "Can't you see there is a chicken on my back?"  Nicholas:  "I know what to do."  He takes out his phone and proceeds to take a few pictures of me...  So helpful!

We did finally come up with a solution to get her off.  I slowly rolled around onto my back and she walked onto my front, which enabled me to grab her and put her back in the brooder box.

This is likely only the first of many embarrassing chicken photos and stories...  And, I do laugh every time I look at the photo.  

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