Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 19

I am thankful for the many ways God blesses me.  And, I'm even more thankful for how He continues to teach me new things about people...

I attended the Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair in mid-September and was delighted with the farmers, the exhibitors, the music, the food, the workshops.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and I enjoyed visiting with people and purchasing produce and a book written by a local author.  I also purchased three raffle tickets to win a chicken coop package.  Unbelievably, I won! 

I am so thankful for Kippen House and Seattle Farm Supply for contributing this package to the Fair.  It was delivered the next day and we temporarily set it up in the back garden prior to storing it in the garage for the winter (we have to prep the area where it will permanently reside).  It was so thrilling to know that next spring we would have our own chickens in our backyard...


I had done alot of research about raising chickens, what kind of coop, etc.  When I won this coop, it was nothing like I had planned or imagined - but I was determined to make it work for me.  But, I still felt (deep down) that this just wasn't the right coop for me or my garden.  I attended the Chickens 101 class at Seattle Tilth and my "uncertainty" about the coop was confirmed.  This past week, I contacted Kippen House and explained how I was feeling, that I couldn't keep the coop and told her she could have the coop back, if she wanted it.  I was not looking to make a profit off the coop I won.  I just needed to be true to myself and build the coop I really wanted ~ even to the point of giving up the prize I had won.   I know.  I'm crazy, but I'm really trying to learn to be true to myself and not settle about certain things.  This was one of those things.

Traci was so understanding, though I really worried about her reaction.  Blaine and I met her at Starbucks on Saturday to discuss things.  We came to a mutual agreement that instead of me selling the coop, she would come get the coop from me and raffle it off again next year (to raise money for Seattle Tilth) and she's giving me a small amount of money toward materials to build my coop (I told her she didn't have to ~ but she felt it was good deal for both of us).  She shared that her coop design isn't for everyone.  We had a good discussion about why the coop doesn't work for my garden set-up and me personally.   I thanked her again for being so understanding.  I am also thankful that she didn't think badly of me and my decision not to keep the coop.  I learned that not everyone will react negatively if you don't think the same way they do.   

And, I am so excited to begin making plans and gathering the materials needed ~ so Blaine and I can begin building our new coop next spring!  And yes, I am still getting the other half of my prize package:  brooder and baby chicks.  Hooray!

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