Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall garden update

 The garden has been desperately neglected and there is much to be done before the winter weather arrives.  We finally managed to get one section of grass covered with newspaper and tarps.  So hoping this will "kill" the grass and compost into the ground; freeing us from having to dig out sod next spring.  We still have other sections to get down...


...and we finally got our garlic planted!  Spaced every 6 inches on both sides of the asparagus bed; 3 varieties ~ Georgian Fire, Thurston and Polish.  I love to see Blaine excited about planting seed in the garden...  (He loves garlic!)  Thanks for the garlic seed, Steve!

I did learn that, optimally, one should plant garlic by the dark of the moon in October, 1-6 inches deep; 6 inches apart.  However, last year I planted in early December and it worked out quite well.  This year, I had planned to plant according to what I had learned, but it didn't happen ~ planted at the first quarter of the moon in early November.  We'll see what happens....

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