Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 23

I am thankful that I am a Pie Maker.  

I love that our daughter, Elizabeth, is also a Pie Maker and we share this gift.  In fact, without knowing it, we both chose to make the same type of pies for our respective Thanksgiving celebrations (she lives in Wichita, Kansas); blueberry and pumpkin. 

Our son, Nicholas, has stated that his future wife must be a Pie Maker.  Obviously, pie is very important to our family...

I'm not sure where my pie making ability comes from.  My Mom is not a Pie Maker.  I don't remember my grandmothers making pies either.  In reflecting upon where I could have learned this wonderful skill from, I fondly recall that Blaine's grandmother was a wonderful Pie Maker.  Perhaps I absorbed her skills.  I love making pies, sharing pies and eating pie; especially the gluten-free kind!

Holidays wouldn't be the same without homemade pie.  And pie isn't reserved just for special occasions, for it can brighten any day or be made "just because".  Pie not only brings a smile to your face, but also delights the taste buds...  Pie is our favorite dessert! 

 Pumpkin and Blueberry pies for Thanksgiving.

 Leftover dough is turned into a homemade strawberry pop-tart.

 Homemade strawberry jam is the perfect topping...

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