Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 29

I am so thankful for my precious "older" neighbors.  While we have many good neighbors ~ Jan, Bernie and Margaret are special friends to me.  I couldn't imagine living in our neighborhood without them.  Each of these dear people are 80 years old and up ~ and each one has lost their spouse.  Jan knows much of the history of the neighborhood and used to organize the neighborhood birthday celebrations.  She's one of the first neighbors we met when we moved into this Chelsea Park neighborhood 5 years ago.  She gets out and walks nearly everyday (even days when I decided to stay in).  She is a woman of faith, faces challenges with a positive outlook, and has blessed me with 2 lovely lunches to say "thank you" for getting her mail when she's away.   Bernie has wonderful stories to share.   His memory amazes me, as I can't remember things as he can.  He has a dog named Ginger whom our Coco likes to visit.  Ginger is always excited to see us, because she knows I've brought a treat for her.  Bernie spoils Coco with treats too.  He's always learning something new, is upset when we've walked by but he didn't see us and has the sweetest smile.  I love stopping by to visit with him.  He has challenges walking up to our house and I'm thankful he purchased an electric chair, so he can buzz up to my house to visit now too.  Blaine and I have special memories of chatting with Margaret and her husband Joe last Christmas when we delivered goodie bags to our neighbors.  We were saddened when Joe passed away this year.  Great stories, amazing memories and both of them dear people.  Margaret's whole face lights up when she smiles.  I don't visit with Margaret as much as I do with Jan and Bernie ~ but my heart smiles when I look out my window and down the street and know that each of these lovely people are my neighbors!

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