Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 26

So thankful for our annual "Christmas Tree Adventure" on the Saturday following Thanksgiving!  (A new tradition we began 3 years ago)

 Ready to embark on this year's adventure.

 Lunch at the Taco Bus in Marysville is a must!

 Good taco.

 On the road to Secret Valley Christmas Tree Farm in Arlington.
A happy family passes us with their tree...

 Entering the Nordman Fir forest...

 The search begins...

 Many trees to consider...

 Circling.  Checking it out from every angle.

 Tree Ninja has triumphed once again!

 Over the river and through the woods...
Across the field and up the gravel road.

 Christmas tree cutting footwear.

 I got my front door wreath too!

 This is the first Christmas tree hoisted on top of our new car!
We don't have to tie the back doors shut this year...
 The tie-down begins...

 Making sure it's secure for the hour long drive home.
 Almost finished...

 Christmas tree through the moonroof.

 Planned stop at the Feed Store in Marysville to purchase rubber boots for Blaine.

 Unplanned stop at WalMart for "boys" to purchase awesome nerf guns...

 Nicholas' choice is a bit higher tech than Blaine's.

 And, the nerf wars begin!

The house is under siege.
Craziness commences, as Coco barks wildly at the shooting going on and chases nerf darts; occasionally stealing one and promptly getting yelled at...

I couldn't have asked for a better day!

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