Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 18

Today was a difficult day to figure out what to share for Day 18 of thankfulness.  I don't know why, but I really struggled.  Then I read another blog and the post for Day 17 ~ and I was reminded to look past the end of my nose and dig deep for what I am truly thankful for...  

I've had a lifelong dream of living in the country on a few acres.  Growing/raising our own food, living as sustainable as possible, solar/wind power, rain cistern water system.  You get the picture.  That dream has always been just beyond my reach.  Today, our home is located just south of Seattle - not where I ever envisioned living.  And, because of the economy we are "under" in our house and the likelihood of being able to sell anytime soon is nearly impossible.

However, in the midst of this ~ we are building an "urban farm" (not a term I really like to use, but people understand what you're talking about).  It's really a very large garden with plans to plant edibles throughout the property and add chickens and maybe a beehive eventually...

I am VERY THANKFUL for the opportunity to have a large garden.  I am learning much about growing and still have much to learn.  Blaine has worked hard alongside me to transform our property with 13 raised beds installed.  We plan to build a chicken coop next spring and hope to get in an additional 3 raised beds too.  One day, we may even have a greenhouse and garden shed.

I love our garden and cannot imagine living here without it.  It is the thing that continues to give me hope living in the city.  It keeps me connected to my dream and I am thankful for how God continues to bless my inexperienced efforts with significant harvests. 

 2011 garden ~ late spring

Future expansion ~ fruit orchard, greenhouse and garden shed on the upper level.
The little red-door garden shed (from the previous owner) will be dis-assembled and removed next spring to build the new chicken coop in that spot.

2011 garden late summer

Recently, reworked garden plans for the back garden. 

Working in the garden is therapy for one's spirit.  I am so thankful for our garden...

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