Friday, December 2, 2011

Simply offering may profoundly bless you!

This morning, I chatted with a dear young man. It was good to hear from him. As we talked, he told me that a friend of his was auditioning in Chicago for grad school entrance. The school is very difficult to get into, but it was difficult to get into Indiana University for her instrument, as well. He didn't ask, but I felt prompted to let him know I would pray. He told me the time of her audition, eastern time, and I set my cellphone alarm. It worked out that I started praying prior to the time he told me. As I began to pray and intercede, I felt the strong presence of the Lord and His incredible power at work! I knew this young woman was indeed being used by God and through her life, He is, and will, bring glory to His name! As I prayed, God gave me a new worship song to begin singing. I wish I had a voice that I could record and share the tune too, but I shall be content with sharing the words. I know He is able to share the tune with others, if He so desires.

No other name ~ Only Jesus!
No other name ~ Emmanuel...
No other name ~ Lord and Savior.
No other name ~ Thee Only Way...

There have been times in my life when the Holy Spirit has brought new worship songs to my heart and mind (and it is always powerful), but to-be-honest the past few years I haven't felt that power in my life or faith walk. Today, it's like the fire hydrant was opened as I went to quench my thirst and kaboom! Drenched in His love, drenched in His Spirit, drenched in His power. It brought me to tears; His presence was so strong. It's the first time ~ in a while ~ that I've felt overwhelmed by His presence; so near to Him and He to me. What a precious gift to receive, as I simply offered to pray. Little did I know that He had a plan not only for this young woman's life, but also for me. He has a plan for your life too! I'm not "someone special" (I make plenty of mistakes every day and fall so short of all He desires for me) ~ we all have access to the same God and all that He desires to share with His children. WHAT AN AMAZING AND AWESOME GOD WE HAVE! Today, I stepped into His story and actively participated in His work. You can too. He will bless your socks off, if you let Him.

In addition, the chorus of a well-known worship song came to me to sing out, as well:

And I cry holy, holy, holy God
How awesome is Your name
Holy, holy, holy God
How majestic is Your reign
And I am changed in the presence of a holy God

As I finished praying and sat down to eat lunch, I thanked God for His provision and asked His blessing upon my meal. I reached over and picked up the devotional I am currently reading, "Experiencing God Day by Day". Today's entry ~


"All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man (and woman) of God may be complete, equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17

All scripture is profitable! Knowing this, we cheat ourselves when we do not access every book, every truth, every verse and every page of our Bibles for the promises and commands God has for us. Because every verse of Scripture is inspired by God and gainful to us, we should not pick and choose which verses we will read and study. We should not claim verses we like and ignore those that convict us! If we are to become mature disciples of Jesus, we must allow every Scripture to speak to us and teach us what God desires us to learn. Scripture enables us to evaluate the soundness of doctrines that are being taught. Scripture ought to be the basis for any reproof or correction we bring to another. 
If you are not firmly grounded in God's Word, you will be bombarded with an assortment of doctrines, lifestyles, and behaviors, and you will have no means to evaluate whether or not they are of God. You cannot develop a righteous life apart from God's Word. Righteousness must be cultivated. As you fill your mind with the words of God, and as you obey His instructions, He will guide you in the ways of righteousness. Scripture will equip you for any good work God calls you to do. If you fell inadequate for a task God has given you, search the Scriptures, for within them you will find the wisdom you need to carry out His assignment. Allow the Word of God to permeate, guide, and enrich your life. 

We are able to be equipped and ready for every good work God calls us to. But, are we willing to invest the time? Are we willing to be available to Him? Are we willing to hear what He wants to share with us? These are questions I ask of myself too. My answer has not always been yes. Even today, I am re-evaluating my choices and how my time is spent each day. 

And yesterday, I received a HUGE insight in my life that was much needed in my life/faith journey. It was given by one who has searched the Scriptures and who simply offered to actively step into God's story. 

Author Ted Dekker was asked, "Who do you aspire to be?" 

His answer: One who loved extravagantly without expecting reward. If it's more blessed to give than receive love, than why do we expect to be treated kindly for our love? Selfless love considers only the other's needs, desires and hopes. Selfishness, possessive love is the root of all anger, jealousy, and bitterness. God help us all... 

Today, all I did was SIMPLY OFFER my life; to take a few minutes out of my day to pray and God blessed my heart, my spirit and my life in unexpected ways. He showed me the power of His Truth, His Love, His Word alive in me on behalf of others. Perhaps you will consider SIMPLY OFFERING yourself in whatever way God may ask you to ~ saying hello to a neighbor or stranger, putting a few coins or a few dollars into the local Salvation Army kettle, spend the day with someone you love ~ doing the things they'd like to do, visiting with older family members or an older neighbor, baking goodies to share with the neighbors or just praying for someone. The ways to step into God's story are endless. What would He simply have you offer today? It may profoundly change and affect your life too! 

And thank you to a dear young man who took time to chat with me this morning... To you and your friend, I am so thankful for this incredible opportunity.

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