Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Morning Harvest

There is something really special about the garden in the early morning hours... especially when the neighborhood is quiet, a marine layer hovers overhead, and the birds are awake and singing. Sometimes, I can't help slipping out into the garden just after I've risen in the morning. There is a truly special feel when you're in the garden at just this right time - God's creation all around, a quiet holy feeling; just Jesus and I in this place. Yesterday was one of those mornings... and in the midst of it all I decided to harvest the rhubarb. It just seemed like what I should do.

Harvested rhubarb on the back deck

Yes, I really was out in the garden in my robe and old clogs...

LOVE this knife for garden work! Wow, it is so sharp!

Poisonous rhubarb leaf carnage!

Delicious stalks ready for cleaning and processing in the kitchen...

hehehehehehehe... I match the rhubarb!

Still loving the cutting board Uncle Earl made for Blaine and I when we got married.
It looks wonderful after 25 years of continual use.

Another view of the harvest

Rhubarb on tray for freezer.
Unintentional mosaic by me and photographed by Blaine!

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