Thursday, May 19, 2011

Early April...

The cold snap didn't seem to affect the garlic, which seems to be growing well - though I've never grown it before and have no idea what I'm doing... Good thing it doesn't need my help!


Strawberries cleaned up - old dead leaves removed and some air space around each plant. Obviously, I didn't use a tape measure when I planted these...

Strawberries are one of my favorites!

My new strawberry vanilla hydrangea - purchased bareroot from Swanson's Nursery and it did just fine through the unseasonable cold weather in February!

Rhubarb leaves!

Meeker raspberries need some cleaning up and pruning back...

Anne golden raspberries are looking wonderful!

New growth in the bareroot strawberries put in just before the cold weather hit.

Another cleaned up strawberry bed and the rhubarb looks fantastic!

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