Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is a mini-orchard a reality?

Mini Orchard - in the urban garden setting.

Post #2 - Erica's planting of the mini orchard

Post #3 - Erica shares about this philosophy

  • Will I really be able to grow many more fruit tree varieties than I ever thought possible?
  • Does this planting method really allow for good fruit production?
  • How many different fruit trees will I be able to plant in our edible garden?

This is an amazing discovery! I'll be sharing more as I learn... How exciting!

I've got to go re-measure the area outside for fruit tree planting! I've got to learn all I can about this method! I've got to grab my Raintree catalog and dream of more trees than I ever thought possible! I've got too............... catch my breath, vacuum the house, do a little weeding, go to yoga class, do the dishes, plan for tonight's dinner, walk the dog, go to the post office ~ all the while DREAMING of our mini orchard possibilities!

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