Monday, May 23, 2011

New Ice Cream maker!

After hearing so many wonderful reviews on this Cuisinart ICE-21 ice cream maker, yogurt, sorbet maker... (and these were dairy-free, gluten-free sites), I just had to have one. Did some checking around and Amazon had the best price at $49.95. Most reviews suggested getting an extra freezer bowl to keep "ready for ice cream action". Most places offered in the $29.99 range. In searching, I discovered Williams-Sonoma offers a set - maker and an extra bowl - for $59.95! Best deal! And, not only is it their internet price, but also the store price. I picked one up at our local store and saved the shipping cost (tax was less than shipping).

I think I'll need to do alot of testing to get really good at making dairy-free ice cream... Wouldn't you agree?!

*Photo is from Williams-Sonoma site... I'm sure those cookies are not gluten-free, but I'm looking forward to making gfdf cookies and cream ice cream!

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