Friday, May 20, 2011

Second week of May

Raspberry patch that needs tidying up!

Sunshine blueberries have good amount of blossoms, but my blueberries were hit with significant frost damage in February. Lots of pruning and hoping they will recover.

Gooseberries with lots of blossoms!
*Squealing with delight - this is their second season and it's looking good so far...

Rhubarb is fabulous!
I am thankful for I heard that many people had trouble with their crop this year.

Black raspberry is growing, growing...

Because our spring was so cold and damp, I kept the young boysenberry under a cloche for extra warmth!

Planting "greens"
I'm really late planting this year, but my gut just didn't feel right about planting earlier.
I've heard alot of people lost their early plants...

First time planting peas and beans from seed... Innoculant first.

Sugar snap peas...

Time for green beans ~ some green and some purple!


First rhubarb harvest of the season = 20 cups!

The six "piles" in the raised bed are small compost piles for growing squash. It's an experiment and we'll see if it really improves growth. Well, warmth and sunshine would help alot.

We use chicken wire fencing for our pea trellis ~ works great!

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