Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2010 Garden - second half

It's a delight as the garden produces well and there is much to harvest...

Pok choi (I think) and lots of lettuces ~ a few strawberries too.

A young broccoli
How I love searching for "treasures" in the garden!

Anne raspberries beginning their growth season


Out of 16 bare-root red osier dogwoods ~ only 2 failed to thrive

Our only gooseberry of the season.
Plants were started from bare root, so not too disappointed.


Lush green beans! One of our favorite things in the garden...

Broccoli getting larger and ready for harvest!

So thankful for ladybugs.
However, with the mass aphid infestation this season - I really hope she has an appetite that doesn't end...

And so, garden expansion begins again

We've got ALOT of work to do still...

Anne golden raspberry (fall) ~ soft, apricot taste.
You want to plant these in your garden: FABULOUS!

Great progress! My husband is awesome with the rototiller.

Huckleberries weeded, fertilized and a fresh layer of compost for the winter

My Toyota Corolla serves me well and is a great "pickup" when needed.

New garden beds installed.
(However, I changed my garden plan over the winter and the 2 cross beds were moved spring 2011.)

This view makes me smile.

Lots of room for future expansions.

Oh my goodness. Carrots fresh from the garden are AMAZING!

...and fall settles into the garden season.

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