Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2010 Garden - First half

We started off the 2010 season by putting in raised beds.
First step: rototil
Looks great... Wait. What's that? Not straight with the house? Guess we'll be fixing this little problem.

My new garden gnome.

Where he lives next to the rhubarb

The new Meeker raspberry "sticks" in the back bed.

Anne golden raspberry (fall) sticks in the left bed and everbearing strawberries and the smaller rhubarb plant in the right bed.
*The strawberries and rhubarb were relocated before the 2011 growing season.

The new Misty blueberries

Red osier dogwoods planted on the hill in hopes that they will grow and created a thick hedge eventually...

The garden early spring

Meeker raspberries with signs of growth

Anne raspberries begin to grow

Everbearing strawberries off to a good start

The Black Pearl (left); good, sweet berries and a thornless blackberry (right - which was removed end of season, as the berries weren't sweet)

Evergreen huckleberries growing well

Sunshine blueberries doing very well - had a good, first winter; 2 year old plants

Good growth for the Meeker raspberries. You can see lettuces in the foreground bed.

The spring garden

Herbs planted in the deck planters

GOOD strawberry crop this year despite cool, wet spring

Tomato plants with good growth (though it never got warm enough for good tomato maturity)

The squashes got off to a great start, but I ended up pulling them when the aphids invaded enmasse - not much harvest...

Sugar snap peas always do really well here

Sunshine blueberries were heavy producers in 2010

Rhubarb after harvest with spinach to its left

Love being in the garden!

My faithful garden companion!

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