Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend in the garden!

Everbearing strawberries in planters

...and doing well.
*The rosemary on the top was transplanted into the front yard this weekend.

We're experimenting with putting tomatoes on the south side of the house this year (driveway) and hoping they get enough warmth for good production

The Meeker raspberries in the background looks like they're on steroids, but I didn't even fertilizer them this spring. Rhubarb has done well (on left side in front of raspberries - prior to second harvest this spring) and the strawberries are going to town too!

Strawberry bed with second year plants in front and new plants behind...

The new blackberry is really starting to grow...

Lots of new growth on the new-for-this-season black raspberry

This is our asparagus bed - planted crowns in February - but we're not sure if they are going to be productive or not. I decided to push in the soil that was on each side of the bed. We added more garden soil this weekend and I planted these brussel sprout starts on the right side of the bed (and out of the way of the asparagus ferns that we are hoping will grow).

Gooseberries doing well, so far, this season...

The new boysenberry is finally showing some good new growth!
The little green leaves behind the boysenberry are "low growing good bug" blend seed from Peaceful Valley and I'm hoping they are helpful in attracting the good bugs!

The new strawberries are in a great growth pattern and the Anne golden raspberries are flourishing...

Blue Star creeper under the maple tree.

A little concerned about the huckleberries, as many blossoms are dying and falling to the ground... Not enough bees around? We'll see how berry production is this summer.

The Black Pearl blackberry is looking good!

I've planted a low growing clover between the raised beds. Hoping this will grow and fill in, adding nitrogen to the soil and keeping the weeds crowded out.

The squash bed is struggling. I definitely think a tunnel would be beneficial for them. This cool weather just isn't helpful, yet surprisingly some seed I put in a few weeks ago sprouted!

The green pole beans we planted from seed have had about a 50%+ success in this very cool weather. Reseeded this weekend and will give the green beans a dose of fish fertilizer to boost their energy levels!

The cauliflower starts are doing well. However, the cabbage moth has been on the loose and I'm checking for eggs and little green worms every couple days. Can't say I mind squishing all I find!

I purchased some bush green bean starts from Rent's Due - hoping to supplement our slow pole bean crop...

Sage waiting to be put into a permanent home. The lettuces are doing well.

The sugar snap peas seem to be doing well despite their late start.
*We trellis our peas with chicken wire and weave stakes through the mesh to create support poles. Worked really well last season.

I did alot of planting this past weekend, so every space is now taken in the garden (until we harvest in the next few weeks). Coco is always nearby when I'm working in the garden.

...and often gets bored and naps while I work

Cabbage plant - doing well!

Garlic just keeps growing and growing and growing...

Cabbages on both sides of this raised bed with a curry (herb) plant in the front
Also growing radish, carrots (struggling) and broccoli - left to right
A single artichoke plant is in the center toward the garlic at the back of the bed

Monday was clear the back corner and a section of the fence-line day...
Backbreaking work, but thankful Blaine worked the corner while I focused on the neighbor's side of the fence (between their retaining wall and the fence - need to spray the wild blackberries, as they grow like weeds in the Seattle area.)

Then, I focused on pulling all the grass and weeds behind the black raspberry and boysenberry bed. Thankful for Blaine's help after dinner to get the job done. Had to deal with a large ant colony living in the area too... I put down low growing good bug seed and hope it sprouts quickly.

Blaine also rototilled a section of grass where I'm hoping to start espaliered jonagold trees next year. Once we clean out the grass, we'll add some compost and throw down some good bug blend seed and some sunflower seeds...

Looking down on our garden from the hillside above!

Next work day in the garden... pulling grass, bindweed and other weeds from behind the raspberry beds (our side and the neighbor's)

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