Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garden: Early 2011

Rhubarb plants just beginning to swell...

Anne golden raspberry sticks - cut back last year's canes

Strawberries - nearly ready to be cleaned up for new growth

Overwintered carrots - sweet and yummy!

Greek oregano - did well through cold winter

First time planting garlic and it seems to be doing well

It's cold getting out into the garden in early February!

Blaine beginning the long process of getting out an old apple tree stump...

Mid-February: The rhubarb nearly bursting with new life!

Digging the trench for the asparagus!

Big freeze on its way and we need to get our Raintree shipment in the ground quickly!
Yes, I used a measuring tape for spacing the new bareroot strawberry planting...

Blaine helping with the strawberry planting

New black raspberry

New boysenberry!

New Cascade blackberry

Because of the freezing weather on its way, I decided we better protect alot of our plants that were beginning to break winter dormancy. The biggest bummer was that there was seed mixed in the straw bale we purchased... Ergh.

New hydrangeas planted here.

Protecting the gooseberries, everbearing strawberries and Alaskan cranberry, which we had just re-planted in new locations.

Blaine reading the "How to grow the best asparagus" planting guide.

This is killer work... trying not to cave in the dirt mounded on each side of the bed with another raised bed right behind you and pressure on your lungs (and still trying to breathe) with lots of layers on to protect against the chilly temperatures...

7 asparagus crowns

Finishing up...

Everything covered for the forecasted frigid weather approaching... and it did arrive!

Whether straw, or plastic or sawdust - we protected everything we could!
It all did really well too!

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