Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rent's Due Ranch: Annual Plant Sale

I've accepted that we live in the city, but my heart longs for open spaces, fresher air and country living... One day a year, a local organic grower opens their farm and offers wonderful plant starts for sale directly from their greenhouses ~ herbs, veggies and flowers. It's always the Saturday before Mother's Day and you'll find me at Rent's Due Ranch in Stanwood!

It was sunny when we left home, but an hour north found us in drenching rain!

Caught the reflection of Blaine's front window in the photo, but I can't resist sheep anytime I find them. This is a farm we always pass on our way into Silvana.

Love these big old trees lining the drive to this farmhouse. Imagine all the generations they've witnessed in this farm family...


So much water in the fields...

My dream farm on Boe Road.
I discovered this farm when it was for sale several years ago. Someone purchased it and "flipped" it and are now trying to sell it as a hunter's retreat, etc for more than double its sale price. It's a wonderful old family farm. I wish I could live there and feel it does belong to us. Well, I will always be its owner in my heart...

All this rain is growing plenty of weeds.

The Boe Road farm drive and outbuildings.

The fields are so muddy!

Our destination in Stanwood!

Their road is so muddy this year...

Note the puddled water on the road.

Wet, but happy with our purchases.

*I so need a cute pair of rain boots! It's on my must purchase list. How do I live in Western Washington and not own boots? Oh yeah, Seattleites don't wear boots.

Oyster shells

Too much water in the fields... Our farmers really need a break.

I've heard it's bad for farmers in many areas of the U.S. ~ either too much water or in desperate need of it... Lord, please have mercy on our farmers.

Our plant treasures!

A day spent in the country is good medicine for my soul. It gives me time to clear my head; leaving the noise and busy hustle of the city behind. Time away enables me to reconnect to the land God created, to the people who devote their lives to being good stewards of precious farmland; growing organic food to nourish each one of us ~ working hard for little "worldly" reward. They are my heroes. Thank you Rent's Due and to all our organic farmers committed to the invaluable work you do. You have made my heart glad and blessed my spirit...

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