Sunday, June 26, 2011

You and Me: So Happy Together!

We've been through alot, Blaine and I.

We celebrated 25 years of marriage last December, we home educated our children (and our youngest graduated last June), Blaine worked (alot - so our children could be involved in various activities) and traveled for the company while the children were growing up, we've dealt with my ongoing health issues, and we're still working through changes in our lives and healing as we strive to not just get through each day, but to fully live...

And, in May ~ we decided to make some decisions about us. No one else. Just us.

We purchased a new car, a trailer hitch, a bike rack and new bicycles. It's been a longer process than expected waiting for our car to arrive, getting our bikes and being ready to "hit the trail". Well, everything has finally arrived, we're equipped (to get started) and we are beginning a new chapter; a new season in our lives... We're really excited!

Today we went on our first bike ride together. A gorgeous sunny Sunday morning in Seattle at Alki. And, Blaine taught me how to put the bike rack on our car, to load the bikes and remove the rack... It was a great start to a new season in our lives together!

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