Sunday, June 12, 2011

Work day Saturday

After sleeping in later than planned and getting the garden watered, it was an early afternoon start to our garden workday... Yet, we were able to accomplish much!

My sustenance for the afternoon.

Background note: Blaine moved all the compost and garden soil from the driveway to the backyard; one wheelbarrow load at a time. It does look lovely in it's new location!
Way to go, Blaine, and thank you.

The tomatoes seem quite happy on the south side of the house in the driveway.
Just hoping the pots are deep enough to sustain them...

We normally wouldn't pressure wash the driveway, but my Dad bought one recently and with all the compost and soil we've had stored here - it was great to have the opportunity to do a deep cleaning.

*Note the space next to our neighbor's garage - Blaine and I did a quick clean up there prior to the pressure washing. 2-3 foot tall weeds, bind weed going crazy, blackberry starts (which we did spray) and some wisteria too (originating from our yard). One garbage can full of "yard waste" and I'm much happier now...

The driveway was disgustingly dirty...

I desperately needed to clean up the weeds and grass along the fenceline behind our raspberry beds. The afternoon was filled with this task as multitudes of bees busily buzzed overhead.

Partially cleared... Notice I have 2 buckets - one for rocks and one for weeds.

Ta dum! Finally have the fence line cleared!

And, Blaine finished the driveway about the same time.
Now that it's clean, we can park the cars where they belong again - plus work on sealing the cracks (still need to deal with the drainage problem - why can't people put in a driveway with proper slope?)

A good day's work, but utterly exhausting. On the garden agenda next: focus on clearing the weeds from the hillside and dealing with the "bad grass" area in the front.

For Sunday, we're off to Benjamin's last concert with Thalia Symphony.

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  1. Wow!! What a nice clean driveway. Glad you guys got to use the pressure-washer. Looks like you got a lot done yesterday. Lookin good. Enjoy the concert today. The van is at Ford. Mom


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