Thursday, June 2, 2011

Honey as your sweetener!

I was very fortunate to meet beekeeper Karen Bean at The Fremont Market on Mother's Day. I am thrilled that she was there, so I could talk to her about her honey and how she takes care of her hives. She also sells honey from a few other beekeepers in the state of Washington and she's knowledgeable about their practices, as well. I asked her about how to substitute raw honey for agave nectar in recipes. I have used agave nectar in baking, now and again, but when I discovered that I am sensitive to it (and there is great debate about how healthy agave nectar is and its affect on people's health) I decided to no longer use it. That said, newly published gluten-free cupcake/dessert cookbooks are using agave nectar exclusively. Ugh. Thus my quest began...

Today, Karen posted her research on her blog Brookfield Farm: Bees & Honey Blog, which I love reading.

To read her specific post about How to Use Honey to replace other sweeteners, click on the photo above. *I purchased the last jar of her honey that day at the market!
(Her bees are busy making more...)

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