Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the garden...

Awoke this morning to very blustery winds and heavy overcast skies, but as long as the ground was dry ~ I had garden work to do!

Pleased to see that the low growing clover that I planted for the pathway between beds is coming in very well. Seeded additional pathways and they are sprouting quickly!

*I learned this technique from a local market farmer on the West Seattle Edible Garden Tour last summer. Not only does it help increase the nitrogen level in the soil, but it also attracts "good bugs"! Go Go Good Bugs ~ eat those bad bugs and no SLUGS allowed!

Today's work focused on the grassy area to the left of the small, white picket fences.

Best Mother's Day gift ever (how ever many years ago that was)!
It makes me smile every time I use my Mantis rototiller, because Blaine loves me much.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh............ don't tell Blaine.

Not supposed to be running the tiller. It does exhaust my muscles and my exposure to petroleum is increased (I have a petroleum sensitivity), but I get such an adrenaline rush when I do use it! I couldn't resist.

Today's harvest = rocks!

Actually, this is just one small pile of many that the rototiller kicked out.
Our yard grows rocks without any fertilizer or anything. And, we always have a plentiful crop.

Compost and veggie soil on the driveway...

Which we're moving wheelbarrow load by wheelbarrow load to this area in the backyard. Fun times ahead!

How the garden looked after I worked the area today and the rain starting pouring down upon me...

LOVE my Rosies overalls and crawling in the soil!

Coco and I sitting in the slider doorway of our bedroom.
She is sad that it's raining and we can't be outside anymore...

And, this is Miss Robin who lives in our garden this year. She's discovered that the soil is getting healthier and more fertile and worms are easy pickins'!

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