Friday, June 17, 2011

Sometimes you just need a break...

And we took one. We had Starbucks vouchers for Mariner tickets and Monday night was one of the games you could choose to see. Late afternoon, we headed to yoga and then went straight downtown afterward with a stop at Uwajimaya for Blaine to get sushi for dinner. It was a nice evening, although quite blustery!

At the game ~ we never did sit in our ticket seats...
(and there were PLENTY of seats to choose)

Gluten-free fish and chips for me
plus Blaine's sushi selections

Blaine always enjoys peanuts at the game

We brought a few gluten-free chocolate chips cookies for a sweet treat!

We discovered a large carrot across the field in the stands...

...and Blaine with his favorite strawberry Japanese candy.

*I struggled at the game, because the music volume was ridiculously loud! We moved around the stadium and sat in various places to see if it helped. The outfield bleachers were pretty good and then we found a spot over the visitor's warm-up bullpen with NO SPEAKERS! Yay!

A fun time!

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  1. Looks like a great evening out!

    LOVING catching up with you again!


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