Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden mid-June

First strawberries of the season!
Blaine, Nicholas and I tasted them this evening and they are sweet and juicy!

Meeker raspberries will hopefully be ripe early-to-mid July

Anne golden raspberries are a fall raspberry and mature very slowly...

Black Pearl blackberry

Garlic with scapes (getting closer to harvest!)

Applemint and artichoke surrounded by cabbage on either side

...and in the midst of that same garden bed; young carrots and broccoli are growing

The beets are beautiful!

First time trying to grow this...

The lettuce bed is crammed. We need to eat alot of salad.
We've told one of our neighbors to please come harvest lettuce any time.

I love French breakfast radishes and watching them grow!

The green beans are doing okay - they need warmth!
Trying some bush beans too (dry bean)

Our neighbor across the street blessed me with this sweet sign for the garden today!

*We are praying for healing for Nicole as she continues her battle with ovarian cancer. She is doing well, has a positive attitude and is smiling and laughing often...
Last day of chemo is July 7th!

The winter squashes are thriving more than the summer squashes, but I'm holding out hope that they will all do well.

The rhubarb continues to go strong.

We've already processed 21 bags containing 4 cups of rhubarb in each to the freezer.
I should make a pie this weekend...

Everbearing strawberries

One of my gooseberries

The other bush is struggling with powdery mildew. Found an organic product to try and help with the problem.

My dear, sweet maple tree on the back deck surrounded by flowers

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