Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lent journey: FOLLOW

"......... I will follow You wherever You go."  Matthew 8:19b

Personal reflection:  Following Jesus is easy, but very difficult too.  For me, sometimes the road ahead is bright and light and I can see all around me.  At other times, it's very dark and there is only enough light in front of me to see where my footsteps will touch the ground.  These are steps of faith, as I can't see where the road ahead is leading me and my trust must be in God alone. At these times, do I still want to follow Him? 

Personally, I have asked God many times to just drop me a note, a map of the journey ahead, show me a neon sign....  I want to know where I am heading, even as I say, "I will follow You, Lord, wherever you go."  Walking by faith in this life; moving forward on the road of life - we want to know and we don't want to know, at the same time.  There has been much in my life that I am thankful I didn't know ahead of time; great difficulties that God has walked us through, places we've gone that I never imagined we would.  And still we continued to follow God.   He has remained faithful - always!  Even now, today, when I want to know where we are headed, how everything will unfold in our journey, will Joy Bell Farm be a real place where we can put down roots or will we wander throughout this life?  With all the unknowns - just following our Lord, as He leads.....  I will still choose to follow.

These two youtube videos are songs that have greatly impacted my faith journey in following God, at whatever cost.  Sometimes, I don't realize how singing a song of declaration will impact my life or what road it may lead my down....  It is an amazing and unknown journey!  There are times I want to take back the words I have sung out, but in the end, I'd make the same choice again.

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