Monday, March 9, 2015

Lent journey: CELEBRATE

Always be full of joy in the Lord; I say it again, rejoice!
Philippians 4:4 (Living Bible)

Personal reflections:  God did it again!  Blew me away with His grace and love and blessing!  When we foreclosed on our house in Burien and gave away our urban farm, we also "sold" one of my most loved tools (a Mother's Day gift years ago) to our neighbors and friends, Brian and Mike.  I did feel really good about them having it.  Well, on Saturday, I decided to reach out to them and sent them a text to inquire if I could borrow my old mantis rototiller to begin working on the new garden space at our rental place in Enumclaw.  OR, if they weren't really using it, could I buy it back from them?

Sunday morning, as I drove Blaine to the airport, I received a reply - yes, I could borrow it or have it back, if I wanted it.  After dropping Blaine off, I headed over to Brian and Mike's house and spent a wonderful 3 hours with them (as if we'd never moved away - boy, do I so miss them).  They weren't willing to accept any money from me and said the $25 they paid was a rental price for having it last year...  I let my tiller go and God gave it back to me through very special friends!  Wow!  Isn't God amazing?

It feels like I've brought a long lost friend back home again!  I was so excited that when I arrived home several hours later, I didn't even unload the car...  I got my Mantis tiller out, let Coco out of the house and then started the tiller.  She started right away and purred.  Oh, how I love that familiar sound.  I tilled 2 rows of the garden space; enough to get reacquainted and feel her in my hands and her vibration throughout my body.  Thrilled beyond measure.  Rejoicing and thanking God for His wonderful provision!

 Coco is very familiar with what happens when the tiller is running....

After all these years, she is still beautiful and has great power!

I just cannot believe she's back.  Thank you, Jesus!

Joy!  Pure JOY!!!

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