Thursday, May 28, 2009

Elizabeth called...

...and chatted with Blaine and I for a short while. She's currently in Wichita, Kansas for Josh and Rachel's older sister's wedding this Saturday. It's hot and humid there, which she doesn't really like, but is dealing with it. She's enjoying spending time with the Graves family. They plan to return to Colorado sometime next week. She posted a few pictures on facebook yesterday.

In her new room ~ already sewing...
I think it's a new dress for the wedding.

Elizabeth with her dear friend, Rachel.

Elizabeth and Josh

Continuing to pray for God's protection and provision for her life ~ certain she's glad He's with her, especially when she rides the Fire Ball... ;)

Still wish things could have been different, but hoping she's truly happy and life is good. We miss her daily, but are thankful God is with her.


  1. She looks like such a beautiful girl! Isn't it wonderful the contact you can have now (even the visual contact!!!) when you're so far away from someone you love... When I lived in Hong Kong for a year, ONLY 18 years ago, letters we would HANDWRITE (!!!) took 2 weeks to arrive!!! Phonecalls were so expensive, they rarely happened. I had to wait til the plane landed before I could see them move and talk and laugh!!! How different the world is now. I'm glad your girl's got God - she's being beautifully cared for, I know...:)

  2. Naomi is right. She is being beautifully cared for. So glad she has the Lord in her life.


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