Saturday, May 23, 2009

Garden progress

Met with the edible landscape designer on Tuesday... Chris is wonderful and I connected with him immediately! Talked and walked around the yard for 1 1/2 hours ~ so excited! Yet, the reality of the COST to hire him to do design work is not realistic right now. $2200 ~ detailed design, 30 hours of working on the project (remember - just design), includes driveway, front and back decks, front and back fencing, landscape layout map, greenhouse, garden shed, chicken coop (design), outdoor patio with firepit... oh, the possibilities would be wonderful. We just don't have that money available + we'd then have no money to start the actual construction of our "urban farm". Had a real 'down' day on Wednesday, but dusted myself off and got busy getting a garden in for this year and will slowly begin building by "trial and error"...while relying on the Great Gardener! God is so good and His love endures forever.

View of the garden Thursday evening...

One of my rhubarb plants ~ happy to be in ground!

Rainier strawberries ~

always best to plant on hills in Seattle, because of how wet it is during growing season; less chance your strawberries will get "moldy"...

3 rows of lettuces
Dinosaur kale
Brussel sprouts
2 rows of snow peas
2 rows of yellow wax beans

2 sweet million cherry tomatoes
Grape cherry tomato
Black cherry tomato

My two new babies from cousin, Denise: Japanese Maple saplings!

We love pole green beans!

Heritage raspberries ~ today's project!

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  1. Wow you garden is really coming along. Have fun today and don't work to hard. Love you.


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