Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day ~ part 2

Rototilling the new raspberry bed...

Rototilling the new raspberry and blackberry beds

Went to the Memorial Day service at Evergreen Washelli ~ SPU Wind Symphony played.

...with Mom

Blaine and I

Benjamin and Kirstin playing...

Kirstin singing a solo!

Kirstin's mom, Shannon, recording Kirstin singing.

All the American flags used in the parade ~ from different branches of service plus veterans groups, Boy Scouts, Civil Air Patrol...

Dad and I!
(He served in the U.S. Air Force)

Memorial cemetery at Washelli

Wouldn't be a holiday without Apple Pie
(...but feeling bad that Nicholas appears to have the flu now and can't stomach it.)

Garden 'chatting' with the neighbor kids...

Today's gardener ~ pausing to send a text message

The garden tonight ~ didn't get as much done as planned today, but tomorrow is a new day. We did get all the raspberry and blackberry trellis posts in the ground and a 'barrier' fence up, so Coco will stop cutting through (think she'll learn?). Raspberries are still looking a bit sad, but continuing to hope and pray they'll pull through!

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  1. Wow!! Good job with the garden. It sure is coming along.
    Great picture of you and Dad, one of the best I have seen of the two of you.
    Nice Memorial Service with you guys. Am always glad to see the kids and hear them play.
    Keep that garden up and coming.
    Love you.


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