Sunday, February 5, 2012

State of the garden: Early February

 It's always exciting when a Raintree Nursery box is delivered to your house...

Raintree does such a great job packing plants to transport.

 Sunshine blueberries, Tulameen raspberries, Invicta gooseberry and a marionberry

 The marionberry wasn't a barefoot plant, so I put a few Christmas tree boughs around the plant to keep it snuggly.

 Can't really see it in the midst of the evergreen boughs...

 Tulameen raspberries (in the background) and Invicta gooseberry (in the foreground); just looks like sticks.

 Today - in Seattle - a gorgeous February day. 
Time to move the Misty blueberries to containers, so the Sunshine blueberries can be planted in the ground.

 Coco enjoying the sunshine.

 Working, working.

While I don't recommend using peat moss, I do have a partial bale still ~ so I mixed potting soil and peat moss for the blueberries.  Not willing to waste something I already had.

 LOVE working in the garden!

 Misty blueberry being removed; Sunshine blueberries in the background.

 Size and color comparison ~ (left) blue/gray + burgundy and 4 years old (right) mostly green leaves and 2 years old

 Young plants in front with older plants in the background

Eeeeeee!  Garlic peeking through the soil! 

 Rhubarb is beginning to burst through!

 My second rhubarb plant ~ leaves to the left took on a little damage from the ice...

 Cover crop aka "green manure"

 Misty blueberries ~ hoping they are more productive in this location

 Tools on the driveway ~ think I'm going to begin investing in "lifetime" quality garden tools.  
Garden show this week!

One of my Misty blueberries has damage to the leaves.  
Need to investigate and figure out what's going on...

My neck is very painful tonight, but I'm hoping a good night's sleep will bring improvement, as I'm hoping to get another day's work done in the garden tomorrow.  How's your garden in February?

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