Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 6: a new trick!

This morning when I checked in on our baby chicks, Miss Curiosity decided to show off a new trick...  She's going to be a handful.

Well, she won't be able to do this for long, as she'll get too big.  
But, for now, she likes to get a closer view of me. 

Little Bo Peep (in the background) doesn't know what to think of her chicken friend. 
Miss Curiosity is so proud of herself.  

This means I'll be changing the water more often.
I think I need to find a branch for her to roost on.


  1. OK....I've read a bunch of your posts. Have you moved since I lost track of you? Your place looks entirely different (and I don't think it was just a paint job)!

  2. No, we are still in the same house. Continuing to pray for God's provision to move onto a little piece of land though... February 5th was the last time I posted pics from our house. Everything current is from the garden show I attended. We do have baby chickens now.


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