Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2012: Gardens

Photos from various gardens.  As seen from my perspective!  Remember ~ I'm a country girl at heart and love edible gardens... 

I hear the sounds of a lovely afternoon concert...

I bet you can imagine yourself here with that someone special in your life!

Chicken coop in the back of a VW!

 It was also a tool shed and a greenhouse...

Okay.  So, I LOVED Cascade Edible Landscaping's arbor and outdoor space!

Vertical strings and an animal trough for an echo chamber was a creative way to turn the arbor into a "guitar".

If I had $5000 I would so buy this!

 I just couldn't get enough of this setting...

Loved this country garden.  Delightful!

Duck coop ~ for sleeping only.
Burlap bags to grow your potatoes.

Lots of creative fun elements is this charming edible garden!

Not sure if this would work in reality, but it's great in theory...

 My favorite part!

Bob Bowling Rustics was a hit at the show...

 Another view.  You love it, huh?

Beauty.  Serene.


Couldn't resist taking this shot of flowers and French horn.

 Loved this container garden on the bridge...  Clever use of test tubes!

From the same garden display.  Loved all the glass containers and the plantings.

Love the beaker and the test tube holder...

I love this musical trellis.  I had been at the show for 4 days and didn't see this until I was leaving...  Goes to show that you can attend multiple days and make new discoveries daily!

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