Saturday, February 11, 2012

Northwest Flower & Garden Show: Days 2 & 3 "treasures"

Had planned to "add" Thursday seminars to my plans, but awoke feeling a bit off.  After a few extra hours of sleep, Blaine and I went to the show in the evening for some shopping and to look at the display gardens.  I'll be sharing photos from the display gardens on Sunday, but here are the treasures I found!

Bob's Rustics ~ a heart shaped from an old piece of metal!
Purchased an heirloom quality set of garden tools from Fisher Blacksmith
Still lovin' my new basket!

 Garden tools say "LOVE"!

Now, I love to get flowers like anyone else, but my new garden tools are an ongoing reminder of how much I am loved!  

Another photo of my Thursday evening treasures ~ love these garden gloves too!
You know you want a set of these garden tools... 

 Having Blaine go to the show with me ~ a special treasure!
Thankful for the time we had, but wish it could have been just one more hour...

Friday treasures ~ garden gloves for Blaine, another pair for myself, a Wasabi plant, a yacon plant, a free pansy and an egg collecting basket from my favorite basket man at the show!

Oh yes, I almost forgot.  I purchased Free Range Chicken Gardens by Jessi Bloom following her "What the Cluck" workshop (for her book signing).  Fantastic workshop! Looking forward to Part 2 today.  Blaine commented that the egg collecting basket resembles a "hen".  I have to agree!

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