Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Northwest Flower & Garden Show ~ Day 1 "treasures"

Had an AMAZING first day at the Flower and Garden Show in Seattle!  That said, I am too tired to share about the many wonderful things in my day.  Instead, I shall share with you "my treasures" acquired...

 Each seed has a story.  Every person has a story too.  The seeds and people coming together tells "our history and our story collectively"...  It's a powerful thing.

 Purchased an antique Chinese water bucket (for my "new" garden tool caddy).
Purchased a market basket (made in Ghana) from the sweetest African man!  I even love that the handles are made from goat hide...  

These shall last me for many years!

 Bill Thorness, Edible Heirlooms, is so awesome!  After his workshop, he shared that anyone who wanted heirloom black radish seeds was welcome to come get some from him.  He indicated that the seed pod is tastier than the radish itself.  

I'll grow some and see if we agree.
Delighted to discover a new local metal artist (from Port Orchard)

Blackwaters Metal Art is a husband and wife team.  She designs and he creates it out of metal.  I love this garden wreath, as well as the treble clef plant stake.  Both will rust to a beautiful finish out in the garden. 

I'm also holding the historic pansy seeds I picked up at my first workshop of the day from Seed Savers!  Woohoo!

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