Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seattle Tilth's Chicken Coop/Urban Farm Tour

Loved this espalier apple fence in Ballard

Nothing says "garden" like a picket fence...

Charming chicken coop

Loved the decorating details!

Cottage garden details...

Creative gate idea...

A Buff Orpington wanders through a garden.

Most chicken keepers said your coop needs to include one of these...

La Mancha goats in a city backyard, which is legal - but after visiting 3 homes with goats on the tour, I'm now wondering whether this is really a good idea... I understand why people are keeping them, but is it really a "good neighbor" thing to do?

Wonderful outdoor "kitchen" space

Loved this fence idea (with the pipe) ~ would keep the neighbor children's balls out of our yard and make a stronger fence (that, hopefully, their balls would not damage), but is it too contemporary for me?

Like the old band saw on this coop

Creative with their garden space in Seattle ~ beehives on the roof of their house...

One of my favorite urban farms on the tour: City Art Farm

They have Pygora goats - a cross between a pygmy and angora. Great fiber animal, but I'm still trying to understand having a male goat in the city... Female I can understand more, but they have to be bred for milk production. Still wrestling with what's a good balance of sustainability and urban living.

Hollyhocks and artichokes ~ garden beauty!

Cord wood construction for their predator proof chicken coop = interesting!

Loved how they incorporated glass bottles for perches in their design. Very funky!

An annual event in Seattle. Second Saturday of July. Mark your calendars for next year and be inspired... Happy Urban Farming!

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