Monday, July 25, 2011



My schedule is just not in a good rhythm. I know what I want to do, but I just can't seem to get there. I love spring and summer, but never feel "right" when daylight savings time arrives. While I don't want to wish this season away, I feel so much better when it's normal time. However, our government has decided that the more they control the hours of light in a day, the better. Really? Maybe it's not the silly time change, maybe it's something else entirely.

My eating pattern is off.

Numerous projects need my attention (and I want to give it), but I am easily distracted.

My energy level is low; tired often.

My upper back, neck, low back and hips are tight and painful. Which doesn't help with the distraction issue.

My thoughts are all over the place. I need to focus!

I wake up with a "plan of attack" and accomplish little.

I want to spend extended time in the garden, but it's a bit here and there instead.

HOW DO I FIX THIS? I have no idea, but I'm hoping things improve SOON.


  1. You poor thing, i think we can all relate to your feeling off.. sometimes words cant even explain it... however the Lord understands... Perhaps you can try putting some quiet worship music on and sit down with a nice warm drink, on a comfy chair and just let the Lord minister to you .. then journal what you feel He is telling you .. this seems to really help me so perhaps it will you too.. helps put things in perspective sometimes when we are too busy inside our heads.... and frustrated.. I often come away feeling like a conqueror and able to then go ahead with the chores awaiting me or enjoy a book or movie for a bit and actually destress.. see how you go.
    Lynette :)

  2. Thanks for the insights, Lynette! Good words shared and received. :)


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