Friday, July 1, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Dainty Chamomile Flowers and Maple Tree outside my window...
A precious gift from God for me.

So thankful a dear friend recommended this book to me. Ann has a special way of sharing her faith journey. It's a hard read. It's a good read. You may not be able to read it in a sitting. More likely you will read and absorb for a time, take a break, pick it up again, set it down - but you will want to keep going. You can also read her ongoing story at A Holy Experience.

There are days when I love reading her blog and others days when my own journey causes me to be irritated by her "wonderful life" and "blessed perspective" and then I remind myself that my own journey is tinting how I see the world around me and some day, that will be me too. So thankful others have gone before me...


Write down your own list of One Thousand Gifts... You'll be amazed!

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