Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Take Time Tuesdays ~ delay...

My sincere apologies again... I'm hoping to post some time during Tuesday, but that will depend on how our youngest son, Nicholas, is feeling and if I can devote time to the post. Our kids at home contracted the swine flu just 6 weeks ago and although they didn't have full-blown symptoms, they were pretty miserable. Our naturopath told us to keep supporting their immune systems, as there is a possibility of a flu recurrence (the body allows the virus to resurface again) within a 6 week window. Well, Nicholas just squeaked in and became ill again last Friday night after work. He is much more miserable this time around and likely has strep throat 'as the cherry on top'. He has missed 3 days of work already and will miss the next 2 days, as well. Our naturopath started him on several natural medicines yesterday afternoon, as well as some additional therapies, and we're praying he starts to show signs of improvement today! Depending on his needs, will determine whether I can devote significant time to posting this week's study...

I pray you are well and the excitement is building in your homes as the days draw closer toward the celebration of our wonderful Savior's birth!

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