Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrating 24 years of marriage, December 14!

The market is a magical place as they close up shop for the evening... Love the lighted pear, carrot and strawberry!

It's us outside by the market tree

We started a new tradition this year ~ buy an ornament on our anniversary! Will be fun for Blaine and I through the years ahead...

Downtown Seattle ~ where last night it seemed there were more homeless people than shoppers. A sad sight amidst all the Christmas lights and decorations...

The Christmas star at Macy's

Christmas tree at Westlake

Toasting to each other with organic green tea :)

It's us!

Gluten-free chicken lettuce wraps at PF Changs

Ginger chicken with broccoli

*This dish was not as tasty as usual last night. After being served, our server didn't come back and ask how things were. She came by with desserts, but we told her no. She then brought the check and we told her we were disappointed with this dish. She took our check away, the manager came and talked with us and told us he took care of it. Our server brought our check back again and we owed nothing. They wanted us to return again. We were completely surprised and didn't expect this at all. Wow! Thanks, Lord.

My fortune (can't eat the cookie though)

Blaine's fortune

We watched this movie after we got home. A must see for everyone!

Homemade apple crisp ~ yummy!

Blaine and I decided that we should go out on mini-dates each evening this week. Stayed tuned and see how we do... Thanking God for 24 years of this crazy and amazing adventure!

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  1. I just love seeing all the wonderful things that you both do together. May there be many more of these through out the years to come.


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