Friday, February 20, 2015

Lenten journey.....

A friend posted this Lenten photography project and it was just what I was seeking!  Each day has a word associated with it and one takes a picture of something that they associate with that word.  You can post just the photo or share however you feel led to.  Each Sunday has the word celebrate.  Looking forward to seeing what God reveals to me.
God is so good.  All the time.


"Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways.
You will eat the fruit of your labor.  Blessings and prosperity will be yours."  
Psalm 128:1-2

Personal reflections:  What is my focus, my priority in each day; for my life's journey?
Do I make time for God's Word or do I squeeze Him in amidst the busyness of my life?

While my desire is to make God my focus each day and for my life, I do find myself struggling to balance "this life" and "my faith journey with God."  Why is this so difficult for me when God's Word shows us the incredible promises and blessings He gives to those who keep Him first and focus their lives - heart, soul and mind - on Him?  
I continue to wrestle with the question....

Day 2:  LOOK

"The Lord does not look at the things man looks at.  
Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 
1 Samuel 16:7b

Personal reflection:  How often do I find myself doing this very thing?  Am I quick to judge someone or their situation?  Do I know their story?  Am I focused on what others think of me and my life choices?  My family?  Who do I desire to be - one who dwells in this world or one who keeps her focus on our amazing Lord and loves and He loves us?

So thankful this verse came across my path.  It is a good reminder that I do get caught up in a worldly focus of others.   God's gentle and loving reminder encouraged me to seek forgiveness from Him for standing in judgment of others and allowing Him to work in and through me, once again, seeing others through His eyes instead of my own.  I am also reminded that none of us know the "whole story" of any other person in this world - nor will we - and His desire is for me to LOVE OTHERS.

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